Privacy Policy

Drove AB (Company Registration Number 559436-9471) located at Rörstrandsgatan 39, 113 41, Stockholm, Sweden, is the controller of personal data of passengers and has appointed a Data Protection Officer (

The term “us” or “we” refers to the owner of the Drove website and app, Drove AB, a private limited company, founded in Sweden.

  1. Personal data we process
  • Name, phone number, e-mail address.
  • Geolocation of the customer, the time and the destination of a journey.
  • Vehicle information.
  • Payment information.
  • Information about disputes.
  • Identification data of the device on which the Drove website has been visited and on which the Drove app has been installed.
  1. Purpose of the process
  • We collect and process personal data for the purpose of connecting customers with designated drivers to help them get themselves and their car home
  • We display geolocation data and the phone number of customers to drivers to enable efficient meet-up. Geolocation data is collected only during booking requests and when the Drove app is activated. The collection of geolocation data stops after closing the Drove app.
  • We may use geolocation data to resolve quality issues related to transportation services.
  • We use contact details to notify passengers of updates to the Drove website and app.
  • We collect information about the customer’s vehicle to assess that it fulfills basic legal requirements (registration, insurance, ownership etc.)
  • We collect data of the routes taken by drivers and customers to analyse the geographic coverage in order to provide recommendations to the drivers about most efficient routes.
  • Your name, phone number and e-mail will be used to communicate with you.
  • We obtain payment details to process passengers’ payment for designated driver services.
  • Customer support data is collected on a case-by-case basis and stored for the purpose of resolving disputes and service quality issues.
  1. Legal Basis
  • Personal data is processed in order to provide the service contracted with the customers. We collect and process the personal data submitted by the customers in the course of installation and use of the Drove app and website. The prerequisite for the use of Drove services is customers agreeing to the processing of identification and geolocation data.
  • Personal data may be also processed on legitimate interest grounds, for example related to customer & user research, product development and investigating and detecting fraudulent payments.
  1. Recipients
  • The personal data of the customer is only disclosed to the driver; in such case, the driver will see the name, phone number and geolocation data of the passenger.
  • After providing the designated driver service, the name and the telephone number of the customer will remain visible to the driver for 24 hours. This is necessary for drivers to resolve any issues associated with service provision.
  • Feedback given by customers regarding the quality of the service is anonymous and drivers do not receive names and telephone numbers of the customer who provided rating and feedback.
  • Depending on the location of the customer, the personal data may be disclosed to Drove AB and partners (suppliers, subsidiaries, representatives, affiliates, agents etc). Processing of personal data by Drove AB and partners will occur under the same conditions as established in this privacy notice.
  1. Security and access
  • Any personal data collected in the course of providing the services is transferred to and stored in the data centers of ODERLAND Webhotell AB, which are located in the territories of Member States of the European Union. Only authorized employees of Drove AB and partners have access to the personal data and they may access the data only for the purpose of resolving issues associated with the use of the services (including disputes regarding designated driver services).
  • Drove AB and partners can access personal data to the extent necessary to provide customer support in the respective location
  • Geolocation data is processed in anonymised form and personalized only if the geographical location data is needed to be linked to a customer for resolving disputes or fraud.
  • For research and scientific purposes, the data is used in unidentified form (anonymized)
  1. Access and correction
  • You can access and update your personal data via the Drove website or app by contacting
  1. Retention
  • Your personal data will be stored as long as you have an active customer account. If your account is closed, personal data will be deleted (according to the policies set out in this section) from the databases, unless such data is required to be retained for accounting, dispute resolution or fraud prevention purposes.
  • Financial data regarding designated driver services provided to customers will be stored for 3 years after the last journey.
  • Data required for accounting purposes will be stored for 7 years after the last journey.
  • In the event that there are suspicions of a criminal offense, fraud or false information having been provided, the data will be stored for 10 years.
  • In case of payment disputes, data will be retained until the claim is satisfied or the expiry date of such claims.
  • Journey history data will be stored for 3 years, after which the data will be anonymized.
  • Please note that the deinstallation of the Drove app in your device does not cause the deletion of your personal data.
  • If the Drove app has not been used for 3 years, we will notify you and ask you to confirm whether the account is still active. If no reply is received, the account will be closed and personal data will be deleted unless such data is required to be stored for accounting, dispute resolution or fraud prevention purposes.
  1. Deletion
  • You should also bear in mind that any request to delete your personal data is possible only if we delete your account. As a result of that you will not be able to use the Drove app via an account which has been deleted.
  • We respond to any request for to delete personal data submitted by e-mail within a month and will specify the period of data deletion.
  1. Portability
  • We will respond to any request for transfer of personal data submitted by e-mail within a month and specify when the data transfer will take place. After we have verified the customer in question, we will provide you with your personal data, which includes: contact information, last 3 years’ journey history and payment information.
  1. Direct marketing
  • We will only use your e-mail address and/ or phone number to send direct marketing messages if you have given us permission to do so via the website or via the Drove app. We may personalize direct marketing messages using the information on how you use Drove’s services (frequency of use, journeys, payments).
  • If you no longer wish to receive direct marketing messages, please click the “Unsubscribe” link in the footer of our e-mail or in profile section of the Drove app.
  1. Dispute resolution
  • Disputes relating to the processing of personal data are resolved through customer support ( or by contacting Drove’s Data Protection Officer (

The supervisory authority is the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection ( which can be contacted by email